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Caratteristiche e tecnologia GOCYCLE

La bicicletta elettrica tecnologicamente più avanzata. Dati costruttivi e informazioni generali

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Diventa Rivenditore

Un prodotto che è più di una bici a pedalata assistita !!!

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Una bici elettrica per chi non vuole SOLO una bicicletta !!!

Scoprite un moto nuovo, facile e veloce.
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“I love bicycles and this is a very special bike. It is beautiful, it is like a perfectly cut diamond – a very special useful tool.”

Jean-Christophe Novelli
Michelin starred chef & founder of Novelli Academy

“Gorgeous. I loved it. The F1 car of electric bicycles. And it’s sexy too.”

Chris Evans
Presenter, businessman and producer for radio & television

“The Gocycle is ideal for the South of France, where I spend a lot of my time. Cyclists are respected in this country, home of the Tour de France, and it is always such a joy to get out on this unique e-bike.”

Eddie Jordan
F1 Commentator at BBC & founder of Jordan F1

“The Gocycle is perfect for when I need to get to an interview or story quickly.”

Louise Callaghan
Foreign reporter for The Sunday Times

“I was particularly impressed with Gocycle’s acceleration, speed and general ease of use and being able to customise it with an app on your phone – now that is clever.”

Nick Francis
Motoring editor of The Sun